Key Authorisation Letter

At Adelaide Locksmiths we have tens of thousands of individual Restricted Key Systems. To help us identify your particular Restricted Key System a registration number has been marked on all of your restricted keys. This registration number will nearly always be ‘alphanumeric’. For example: JC216 or W12 in addition, if you have a Restricted Master Key System where there are numerous change keys these keys will be marked with their own identification number, letter or a mixture of both. For example: GMK, F, A1, 1.1 etc. Providing us with this information will help us find and process your order quickly and without fuss.

Please note: Restricted keys may not be ordered over the phone. A letter with the required details and the correct authorised signature(s) that have been previously registered with Adelaide Locksmiths may only order Restricted Keys.

Please Click here to download our Sample Letter to help you provide all of the information we need to process your order.

Please Contact Us if you require further information.

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